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Milk packaging film  It very well might be comprised of a slender sheet (0.025 mm thick) of gentle steel covered on the two sides with a layer of unadulterated tin. It is alluring to have an inside lacquered can, which gives better protection from erosion. The preferences refered to for tin compartments as a bundling material are their acceptable strength and incredible obstruction properties. The impediments are their significant expense, weighty weight, trouble in shutting the cover of the compartment, and removal. The compartments are for the most part utilized as can. The basic thickness of the foil utilized is 0.012 - 0.015 mm. To build erosion opposition, it very well might be lacquered (covered with finish) or a dainty film of plastic can be applied for pressing dairy items. The upsides of these holders are acceptable obstruction properties, oil confirmation, non-retention, recoil evidence, scentless, bland, sterile, non poisonous, murky to light, brilliant in appearance and so forth The bad marks are its low tear strength, weakness to solid acids and antacids. It is generally utilized as covering, container and box.
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