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The quality warranty service they provide, and the time they can usually be used, of course, if we don’t keep it properly after the purchase, it may affect its use time limit. It is like a physical TPE Sex Doll . If you have lost interest in it for a while, you may put it aside or hide it in a cabinet forever. So when we choose, we have to look at its shape at the beginning. We like it. 

If it can be done in this product, then we will get the satisfaction of our mind. You may feel a little embarrassed when you first use the high-simulation entity doll, but after a long time, after you get along with him for a long time, you will find that it handles many problems in your life and brings you a lot of time. A good experience, from the very beginning you buy the first one, after you gradually increase the number of your own purchases, you will feel that your life will become more meaningful with her company. 

Now the Love Doll market has been developing more and more. Now it is not only a store with all-silicone physical dolls online, but also a physical store offline, and it is becoming more and more popular with a wide range of baby friends, so some people will say. Is there any benefit of using all-silicone physical dolls? So popular? I will tell you today about the benefits of all-silicone physical dolls that you don’t know. Once they age, it is said that there will be 400 million elderly people, half of them are old men, especially When living conditions are getting better and better, the mental needs of the elderly are even more satisfied, which also solves huge social problems. 

Mika - 159cm Lifelike Sex Doll Irontech TPE Living Real Dolls

There are many things you should pay attention to when you usually buy physical Real Sex Doll. The first priority is the purchase of physical dolls. You should choose physical dolls that are suitable for our company, and compare them according to their full characteristics and cost-effectiveness. Purchase, do not choose blindly; still have to consider whether the actual operation and use of the physical doll is heavy; what should be paid attention to is whether the after-sales of the physical doll is complete, and good after-sales can bring the physical doll to the correct maintenance, which is both for the manufacturer and the entity. The doll itself is helpful. 

Wig care is the same. If you buy a physical doll, you need to know a little bit of common sense. The doll needs to be taken care of. The same is true for the hair. If it is troublesome, tie it up and wash the wig every two months at the same time. Don’t ask me why, you can’t stand it if you don’t wash it for a month, okay? It’s the same as washing your head, the difference is don’t circle it. Just rub, gently rub it, do you want to make the wig better? Then use conditioner, after washing, add water and conditioner and mix well, soak, yes, soak, half an hour, take Come out, air dry naturally, the same, try a hundred spirits. If you are really lazy, then you can tie your braids and ponytails. Don't say that you can't make it every time, because there are many excuses. In fact, you will find it not that difficult to deal with. 

So realistic dolls must be very popular in the doll circle. If they are sold out every minute, they are wrong. No matter how realistic, there are more than one doll in the doll circle. There are also many good-looking dolls. Everyone For these dolls, almost all baby friends have a common voice, that is, these dolls are a bit heavy, can they lose weight, the WM Doll are realistic and at the same time, they can let the players play It couldn’t be better when it was a little more convenient. Dolls are too heavy and baby friends can’t play. This is almost a flaw in this industry. Is it necessary to reduce the weight of physical dolls? Is it really that difficult? Why are few manufacturers able to easily reduce the weight of physical dolls? ? Regarding the weight loss of dolls, the current reality-level inverted physical dolls can hardly escape this level. The adult version of the dolls are at least 30kg in weight. It is difficult for ordinary players to play, and those who are able to play also express heart tiredness and consume very much energy. 

It takes at least 4 to 5 days to make a physical doll, and some custom-made ones may take even more time. The reason why physical dolls are so expensive is that the production cost is high, and the production process is complicated. So there is a big difference between 1~20,000 Japanese Sex Doll and hundreds of inflatable dolls. It really costs you what you pay for!




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