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High Frequency Welding can be activated in davison

High Frequency Welding can be activated in davison

25W~100W Laser processing machine

It mainly refers to the blazon applying a 25W~100W CO2 laser and a X-Y tabletop work-bench system, and aswell refers to the blazon applying a Nd:YAG laser apparatus chip with beating mirror. It High Frequency Welding can be activated in abstraction works, including close carving, cutting, piercing, adornment and cut processing. Its anniversary achievement is about 6,000, apparatus the all-inclusive Chinese market, and it has been exported to regions such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. The acclaimed producers of X-Y work-bench machines are Zhejiang Boye Laser, Guangdong Yueming Laser and Wuhan Golden Laser.

Laser cladding technology and accessories for re-manufacturing industries

Laser processing technology for the breeding industry mainly uses 5KW~10KW CO2 high-power laser and its system. Its anniversary sales are about 100 sets. A analogously outstanding aggregation in this aspect is the Dalu Laser. They administer the laser micro profiling and cladding technology into convenance and broadly use it in industry fields. Meanwhile, the aggregation aswell produces laser accessories and units, acceptable a arch action of this technology in China. Added acclaimed firms are Wuhan Goldensky Laser, Huagong Laser, and Unity Laser.

Laser acclimation technology and equipments

Application of laser acclimation technology is rapidly accretion in China, with its sales just beneath than that of appearance and cutting. It is mainly activated in Radio Frequency Welding Machine industries such as battery, electric appliance, barometer instrument, hardware, animate and iron, air and aerospace, and auto etc.. The accepted bazaar accommodation is 600~800 sets.



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