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corset style bra

Now, they release collections biannually and have expanded corset style bra into beachwear, as well as introducing a permanent "Signature Collection" of black and white suits. Oakley and Brugman have also launched a standalone activewear label, Monday Active, and continue to rack up an impressive list of collaborations with brands big and small, including Guess, Missguided, Wildfox, and Beach Riot. The specificity of the blog's premise means that they have a captive audience of followers who already expect swimwear content all day, every day, while the mass appeal of two gorgeous 20-somethings gallivanting around the world in bikinis gives them a platform that extends far beyond the niche enthusiast.

"When we started, corset style bra we were a unique platform for swimwear brands to promote themselves  no one was doing what we were doing," Oakley told Forbes last year. "The very premise of 'A Bikini A Day' allowed us to give a voice to a different bikini brand, 365 days of the year." Today, their own brand's is (naturally) the loudest, and they share behind-the-scenes snaps, lookbook images and photos from their travels around the world wearing various suits from the line.

Repetition, at least according to Marie, is key, especially womens bikinis sale when it comes to building up trust. "I think the problem with influencer marketing today  and I tell this to brands I work with  is they do so many one-off projects, where they'll hire one girl for one post," she says. "Me posting one time for a swimsuit brand is really going to do nothing unless someone is like, 'Oh my god, I'm obsessed with that one piece. I have to have it.' But that's usually not how it works. It's people seeing something over and over, and when they do, they're like, 'Ok, this person really, really loves this.'"

This suit underwear trust is especially important when you're asking your customer to drop a few hundred dollars on a bikini  or, alternatively, when your customer might never have worn one before, or when society tells her she shouldn't wear one at all.

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