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Blogs offer people with the network of a sports speak radio and doubtlessly limitless global-wide attain. A powerful mixture. Today, there are about, , 1158 baseball blogs floating around the net. Four. Satellite Television Satellites beam baseball video games around the world, fueling international baseball. While the first satellite tv for pc television signals were relayed in the early 1960s, widespread consumer television reception took off in the 1980s. For the first time, geography did not limit the dissemination of moving pictures. Television's power with no geographic limits translated into new opportunities for major league baseball. By the late 1990s, baseball games could be seamlessly and relatively inexpensively transmitted throughout the globe. This allowed Major League Baseball to reach into foreign labor and commercial markets, most notably Japan. Without satellite television, the Seattle Mariners probably would have passed on MVP outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, the New York Yankees would have passed on All-Star Hideki Matsui. Satellite television helped transform regional icons like Ichiro and Matsui into worldwide phenomenon. Today, if you take a trip to Japan, you might see Hideki Matsui's at-bat broadcasted in a a
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